Financial Issues

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Speaking to one of our team will help you define your relationship with money and give you somewhere that allows you the time to gather your thoughts and identify repetitive patterns.

Financial issues, especially in this current climate can be one of the most debilitating situations you find yourself in. The stress can be overwhelming. 

You may find that you are unable to fall asleep at night or wake up early in the morning, thinking about how you are going to pay bills or make ends meet.

Eating habits may change due to the changes in circumstances and your physical health maybe affected. Eventually if not checked this kind of persistent stress could lead to more serious and psychological issues, which can effect your contribution in the workplace and at home. 


If it is at this juncture that you now find yourself... Talk to us. Why us? Together, we take the first step! give us a call on 087 1206120 to arrange an initial chat to find out if therapy is something that may work for you.

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