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Workplace Stress


Working from home has for many become the norm,  and whilst it gives us an opportunity to obtain greater balance in our lives, it can also be the source of additional stress

The distances between colleagues, obstacles caused by technology, and many other personal and professional factors can be challenging to navigate and manage. 

In addition to this, for those who are in a position to attend their place of work, the effects of the global pandemic have created a heightened sense of stress and pressure for a number of reasons.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, it is vital that you learn how to identify, manage, navigate and ultimately negate any workplace stress that you are experiencing.


We have developed two different workshops, one specifically for employees, the other for employers/managers during which we will work closely with you as a small group or as individuals helping you address workplace stress and to move forward positively.


  • Stress in the workplace and how to handle it ( for managers ) – 2 hours

  • Stress in the workplace and how to handle it (for employees) – 1.5 hours

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